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Internal DPG Tournament

Saturday 5 january 2019, another internal tournament will be organized on server 2!
Registration is possible until Friday 4 january at 20: 00h at the latest!

We play Tier8 (separate entries) free choice in tanks, the teams are put together by the tournament organisation concerning the number of entries.

General info:
We gather at 8 pm so that the necessary information can be given and the teams can be divided, so that we can start at 20:30 at the latest or we can start as soon as everything is clear.
10 minutes per map, no cap, so in principle every 15 minutes a next round can be played.
Each round a different map is played, these are announced on the evening itself!

There is 1000 gold prize money to be won for the winning team.

For players who are not sure that they can play that night, you can sign up as a reserve player!
Players who have to leave the evening themselves or who can not play the entire evening can use a spare player, but if you are on the winning team, the gold is split between the departing and reserve player.!!!!

We hope for a very nice evening filled with a lot of enthusiasm and players!

See you on the battlefield!
DPG tournament organization.