DPG official association:

Dear members,

As you know, DPG is sponsored and we are still negotiating with some potential sponsors.
Throughout this sponsor story we had to look for a solution to firstly ensure that we would not run into problems as individuals in terms of taxes and so on and secondly to make it more attractive for sponsors to decide to sponsor DPG.
As a result, after many consultations, we decided to make DPG an official association in the form of a non-profit association (= VZW in Belgium), so we will be an official association as of 4 September based in Belgium.

This decision / change implies that from now on we as a clan are an official association with a board and must abide by legal rules, for example we had to prepare statutes and have to deposit them in court, then these were published in the state magazine and we must, among other things, keep accounts and submit annual financial statements.

This change has no consequences for you.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Darkinfinity (Berry).


Combat Officers DPG 1, DPG 2 and DPG-i:
Interested in becoming a Combat Officer? Do you have it in you to lead a team of 7/10?

Personnel Officers
Contact for all clan members.

Interested in one of these functions or do you want more info? Please contact someone from the staff.


Voluntary contribution
Dear members,

If you want to make a voluntary contribution, you can do so on following account;
Bank: Belfius
Account number: BE87 0689 3534 8694
to Dutch Panzer Group
With notice:
Voluntary contribution DPG
Ingame name:...................



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