Why are these rules drawn up:
DPG is a clan that constantly strives for a higher ranking, both in the global ranking and in the Dutch clan ranking.
In order to achieve this we need the efforts of our members, without this commitment it is not possible to get higher up in the rankings.
After all, you have joined a clan to play competitively, in a team context, is this not the reason why ask yourself why you are in a clan.

We have a large number of members and these rules are therefore necessary to be able to lead everything in the right direction. Read them through and stick to it.
(you can not find yourself in these rules please contact the head staff)

Thank you
the DPG Staff
1. General interaction
2. Teamspeak
3. Members activity
4. Group battles regulation (clan wars, stronghold etc.)
5. Clan kick
6. Use of modpacks

7. The Bar/Lounge on teamspeak

1. General interaction:
a. Be aware that you are an ambassador of our clan in battles. Beware of what you say to other players.
    It can damage our reputation.
b. Treat everyone else with respect.
c. If there is a conflict, please contact the clan staff, also in case of conflicts with members of another clan.
d. Racist, sexually tinted, rancid remarks are not tolerated.
e. In the event of violation of the above rules, you may receive an official warning (depending on the violation).
    With a second violation of these rules you will be expelled from the clan.

2. Teamspeak:
a. Use of TeamSpeak is mandatory.
b. Use the nickname that you use in WoT, supplemented with your real name in between (parentheses) and which tier tanks you own eg I-X
c. Greet unknown users friendly; maybe they are future members.
d. Let people who are speaking speak out. This is to prevent chaos.
e. Do not bother people who are engaged in group battle channels.
f.  If you are logged into the DPG Teamspeak server, but you are (temporarily) unavailable, put yourself in the "A.F.K." channel.
g. For battles go to the available battle channels.

3. Members activity:
a. If a member is not online for a longer period of time (longer than 4 weeks), he must pass this on to the clan management.
    You do not have to give reasons.
b. If a member has not been online unannounced for more than 2 months, they will be contacted about this (via ingame message etc.)
    in case of no response this member is removed from the clan.

4. Group battles regulation:
a. Have respect for eachother.
b. When you are in a team fight, you are alone and exclusively occupied with that battle.
c. A Radio silence applies when starting the battle. When you repeatedly break the radio silence, the Combat Officer can take you out of the team.
d. What nobody wants to hear is the odds. There are players who are going to play according those odds and that is not exactly what we want.
e. The orders of a Combat Officer are fully and accurately executed.
f.  During a battle it is possible that the Combat Officer appoints a second person who, in a part of the group, the task of the Combat Officer
    observes and issues orders. His orders are also executed.
g. It is quiet during the battle.
h. During the battle, a Combat Officer only wants to hear from you: If you have been spotted (press F7) and reload of auto-loaders (F8)
i.  Check the minimap to see where your team members are, to be able to respond immediately when the Combat Officer gives you the order to help
    them. Until that time you will continue to follow the standing order.
k. If you refuse to execute a command, you will be contacted the first time, on the 2nd occasion you will be removed from the team.
l.  If you do not agree with the way of the combat officer and you can not solve it together, take it up with the clan staff.

5. Clan kick:
a. A member on which notifications of misconduct and / or violations of the above rules are received will be (temporarily) banned from teamspeak by the
    Commander / Executive Officers or Personnel Officer with immediate effect.
b. The member in question is asked to keep screenshots / replays at his disposal for the Clan staff.
c. The member in question is NOT immediately removed from the clan.
d. The Clan staff will consult as soon as possible in which it will be discussed which sanction will be imposed.
e. The pronounced penalty is communicated personally by someone from the Clan staff to the member in question.
f.  Depending on the case-by-case, it is possible that a member who was kicked out of the clan will still be given the status of friends on TS to come and
    platoon with friends and / or to participate in Strongholds as legionary.
g. A decision is final and there will be no reconsideration.

6. Use of modpacks:
a. Use is at your own risk. The mods banned by WoT are not allowed at all, with knowledge of this by the clan staff sanctions can follow.

7. The Bar/Lounge on teamspeak:

Dear members the bar on teamspeak where everybody comes together for fun!!!
So for players who are only playing or doing something else but still looking for the conviviality of the clan for a chat.
And from there you can look up a platoon channel when you go play together with other members.
This also applies to strongholds, countdown 3.2.1 click, team battles and global map battles.

What we absolutely do not want in the bar is that members become angry at the game and therefore spouting all sorts of diseases and shout other weird words to the opponent, when other members have no idea what is going on and who are going to think what is this??? I am here for my fun.

If this happens too often and members stay away from team speak, measures are taken and this can lead to removal from the clan and removal of teamspeak.

To prevent this ?? very easily there are enough other channels on TS where you can sit and scream the whole damn world together so that other members do not suffer from it.

There are members here who have their speakers on and the whole house listens, even small children.

It is also possible that in the family of our members someone has died and / or is still suffering from a disease that is then mentioned on ts.

You never know what another person has experienced? PLEASE NOTE WHAT YOU SAY

The DPG staff has the right to change these regulations at any time, without further notice.
It is advisable to regularly check whether this regulation has been changed.