Dutch Panzer Group or D. P. G. is a group of players (NL-BE) who play together the online games World of Tanks, an online game that allows simulated tank fighting between players and World of Warships, an online game with naval warfare as a theme.

Both games were produced by game developer and publisher Wargaming and released in 2011 and 2015 respectively.

D. P. G. originated in 2015 when some players decided to set up a clan in World of Tanks, World of Warschips was released later that year.

Started with a few members, we have now grown into a clan with a few hundred members spread over five divisions. In 2018 we started brainstorming if there was no possibility to be able to do more for our members, and soon the idea came to organize tournaments, among themselves but also between the different Dutch and Belgian clans. After a few months of elaboration, the first mutual tournaments and the first major tournament between the different clans were a fact and it was a great success. Prizes were paid from the management's own pocket, something had to be found for this, a solution was sought for sponsorship and with success.

Because of this success, it was decided in July 2019 to make D. P. G. an official association. With the aim of growing even further as a clan and being able to organize even more for our members.

The Dutch Panzer Group npo was then established in August 2019.

Our non-profit organization receives no subsidy, we depend on sponsors, gifts and donations.
The proceeds from our webshop also fully benefit NPO Dutch Panzer Group.